According to the Westchester County Health Department Community Health Assessment (2019-2021), mental health was 39% of respondents’ first area of health priority.  Additionally, as the education level increased the percent of respondents who reported mental health as a priority health issue for the community also increased.

OUR MISSION is to destigmatize

mental health by educating and empowering

through healing, conversations, and culture.

World Mental Health Day 2019, City of Yonkers Clock Tower Lit Green for Mental Health Awareness

THE ISSUE:  When it comes to mental health, we need to meet our community where they are.  There is a huge gap between individuals and existing clinical mental health services. This is due to mental health stigma, lack of access, and lack of knowledge around the topic. 

“Hurt people hurt people, but healed people, heal people.”

YOUTH: At Que Paso Latinx™, we provide mental health education to our youth.  We believe if we are able to equip our young ones with the knowledge necessary to explore their emotional, psychological, and social well-being they will be mentally prepared to handle anything that life throws their way. 


With a focus on self-awareness and self-care, our children will be able to positively navigate and cope with their emotions.

ADULTS: Breaking the misconceptions and stigmas around mental health is at the core of what we do. 


We provide a safe and comforting space to our community to unite and feel supported. Through systematic oppressions and intergenerational traumas, many of us walk around in pain due to circumstances that are out of our control. 


What we are in control of is healing for the better but most importantly for the generations to come.